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Submission Guidelines for Bylaws and Criteria Documents

Submission Guidelines

To submit policy documents for approval to the provost’s office, the appropriate administrative staff member in the dean's office should send a Word document (.doc or .docx) to Elizabeth King at Documents may include bylaws, policies and procedures, and promotion criteria.

  • Per ACD 111-02, bylaws documents need to be approved by the faculty and reviewed by the dean. Therefore, make sure the first page of the document clearly states the levels of approval and review. Please do not use acronyms for the name of the college or the unit. Example:

College of Basket Weaving
School of Easter Baskets
Clinical Faculty Criteria
Approved by the faculty on March 15, 2015
Reviewed by the dean on June 1, 2015

  • It’s best to submit promotion criteria as a separate document, rather than as part of a larger bylaws document.
  • When submitting a document, please indicate if criteria for promotion and/or tenure or continuing status are included.  If so, indicate in detail which ranks (fixed-term, clinical, tenure-track, continuing-status track, etc).
  • If this is the second draft of a document that has already been reviewed by the vice provost for academic personnel, be sure to track changes.
  • Make sure the document has been approved/reviewed at the appropriate levels before submitting it to the provost’s office—if the provost’s office has to review your materials twice, it may significantly delay processing.
  • Once the document has been approved by the vice provost for academic personnel, please send a clean Word document (no comments or track changes) to Elizabeth King.
  • Here's a cover sheet template you may use if the title page of your document does not already have the required information.  Please note that we do not need signatures on the cover sheet.  If you use the cover sheet, it must be the first page of the content document (i.e. not a separate one-page document by itself.
  • Documents that don't have provost approval are posted on the Academic Personnel website as "submitted," or "currently in use."  If you would prefer a different designation, we can discuss.

Click here to view examples of approved fixed-term criteria documents.

For questions, please contact Elizabeth King at (480) 727-2289 or