Academic personnel

ASU Vita

Academic Personnel Actions Reporting System

Using ASU Vita

ASU Vita is an electronic curriculum vitae builder that supports the reporting of teaching, research and service activities. ASU Vita maximizes the quality of personnel data, and streamlines the collection and reporting process. ASU Vita is a product in the Academic Personnel Actions Reporting System (APARS). Read about the APARS initiative.


  • APARS Login Instructions

  • If you are unable to access APARS or are directed to a personal Dossier account, contact Interfolio Support at, or call (877) 997-8807, 6am - 5pm Pacific Time, Mon - Fri.

Academic Personnel Accounts

  • All faculty (ACD 505-02) and academic professionals (ACD 505-03) will have access and accounts in ASU Vita for personal use.
  • All faculty and academic professionals will use ASU Vita for university activity reporting with the following exceptions:*
  1. Faculty Research Associate, Faculty Associate and Academic Associate ranks
  2. Visiting job codes
  3. Faculty and academic professionals with emeritus status
  4. Career-track faculty and academic professionals with less than 50 percent FTE

*Colleges and units may choose to require that the academic personnel listed above use some of or all ASU Vita information for certain processes, such as the annual evaluation.

Unit Contact Accounts

New unit contacts: ASU employs Single Sign On (SSO) for access to university software. Ask your college contact to submit an APARS Request to create your account.

  • College Contact*: Requests to add/edit/delete this role requires the approval of your college's dean/dean's delegate. Please attach an approval email from the dean/dean's delegate to the APARS Request form. 
  • Department/School Contact*: Requests to add/edit/delete a user to this role are approved by your college contact (see above). College contacts should submit an APARS Request requesting access on behalf of the new user. Direct requests submitted by the department/unit will be sent back for approval by the college. 

*Required training is provided by the Office of the Provost for all new college/unit users requesting the Administrator role.